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Box Aus Holz is a Berlin based music label founded in 2011 by Max Greef and its members, Max, Fiete, Ludwig and Joschka. Despite the fact the the team label is incredibly young (only 19 years old), but they certainly have the determination and the insight to produce remotely constructive music, and their musical output is a top notch! This might seem like a common recipe but taking their age into consideration, one cant help being impressed by the broad musical references and knowledge about genres that have been more or less dead for 30 years. Except for the first two releases BAH is vinyl only and they sell out quick, so dont forget to pre-order!

Sampling is a key element and old disco, soul and jazz jams are recycled in the most delicate way. The sound of BAH can best be described as raw slow-mo disco & house, occasionally tinged with a slice of lemon.

With BAH06, thir latest release (which, rather confusingly, is actually the fourth vinyl outing from this Oye-affiliated label) young Max Graef and friends once again prove they have the balls to experiment and push the boundaries of their sound instead of sticking to a comfortable and successful formula. A commendable approach for a label that has to rely on vinyl sales alone.

Max Graef & Muff Deep (who starred together on an ace recent twelve for Tartelet we covered on here as well) start proceedings on the A with Mumbojambo, cleverly fusing dusty beatdown house with serious hiphop stylings. The result is a wonderfully chuggy samplefest that grooves like the proverbial. Andy Hart gets flown in from Melbourne for some more teamwork with Graef on Pulleman, a serious chunk of driving uptempo deephouse with more hiphop magic dust sprinkled on top.

At just 19 (ridiculous..) Max has been churning out some of the tightest samply house and hip hop jams imaginable, not dissimilar to a young MCDE with his first additions to the Raw Cuts series. His background as a Jazz musician and an affinity for Funk and Hip Hop have been the back bone behind the Berliners uncanny knack for digging up the rarest samples, which he effortlessly crafts together with impeccable dance floor sensibility.

Maxs first releases have seen the light of day through his own vinyl only imprint Box auz Holz out of Berlins Oye Records, of which the latest two have sold out in a matter of weeks and are now in the hands of the greedy Discogs pirates.

BAH Records includes so far releases and collaborations with acts like: Andy Hart, CTEPEO 57, Curl, Gene Siewing, Labuzinsky, Max Graef, Muff Deep, The Ivory Boy, and new others to join in the close future!

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Torben Torben 004 (Vinyl Only)


Torben 004 (Vinyl Only)

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Label: box aus holz
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