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We are a label from Northern Ireland, showcasing the latest and greatest established talent in slow groove house and disco.

In August this year we set up our website boredaudio.com and started podcasting studio mixes from our website. So far we have the following podcasts.

boredaudio Volume 6 - Saalim
boredaudio Volume 5 - Alan Fitzpatrick
boredaudio Volume 4 - Spirit Catcher
boredaudio Volume 3 - Jay-J
boredaudio Volume 2 - Greg Wilson
boredaudio Volume 1 - Timo Maas

We have been averaging 1340 downloads per podcast and are creating a very good name for ourselves. The next phase of our plan is to start the music label we have been planning and to coincide the first release with the start of our monthly parties in Belfast.

For our first release we have signed a track from new artist Saalim who has remixed Crazy P on 20:20 Vision and has recently remixed Danny Howells ' Right Off '.

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Saalim What You Say


What You Say

VÖ-Datum: 15.08.2011
Label: boredaudio
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8 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 8.