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Bootek is a cheeky UK Techno imprint run by the Hard Timez founder, Phil York.

Fiery haired hard trance legend Phil York is one of the most in demand UK djs on the global hard dance scene, clocking up countless airmiles playing to sell out crowds in all 4 corners of the globe from Australia to Canada, South Africa to USA and more recently conquering European destinations such as Sweden, Spain, Finland and Denmark as well as appearing at Defqon One & Fusion Indoor festivals in Holland! Back on home turf in the UK Phil plays for every organization worth their salt including Goodgreef, Colours, Bionic, Kiddfectious, Atomik Weekender, Hindsight and his London residency at the legendary Freeformation parties!

Sister labels: Attitude , Big Recordings, Darkby Design Recordings, Designed, DiStinKt, Elevate Records,Elevate Whites, HT UK, Nuklearpuppy Records, Tranzlation, Tranzlation Gold, Tranzlation Tech Trance,Tranzlation Whites.