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Boom Bap Professionals



Boom Bap Project is an underground hip hop group formed in Seattle, Washington, currently signed to Rhymesayers record label. The group recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay area after lifetimes spent in the Pacific Northwest. The group's core members are Karim, DJ Scene, and Destro. Karim, a University of Oregon graduate, grew up in San Francisco. He then went to the University of Oregon, where Zach Johnson (future Stuck Records founder) met him, bringing him to Seattle and introducing him to oldominion and specifically Destro; then known as Dom. DJ Scene, a renowned turntablist in the Seattle scene, replaced original DJ Tre; a nice guy who was talented but just didn't fit in with the proudly self-proclamed "Dickheads" of Karim and Destro. The group claims "The Boom Bap Project stands for one thing...preservation of true hiphop music and culture." They have worked with producer Jake One, and collaborated with such rappers as L'Roneous, Gift of Gab, Rakaa Iriscience, and Pep Love.