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Boogieness Records



The real underground has never been excavated. Purpose of this statement SOUNDBWOY BOOGIE & DER E1NE return reloaded with poetry magazine back on the map of the rape. For the first single from the forthcoming second album Soundbwoy BOOGIE AND E1NE committed by MASTA ACE a true hip hop legend, with albums such as "Sittin 'on Chrome" wrote (1995) History and the Hip Hop culture in the past Twenty years ago had a crucial impact. "Reloaded Hip Hop Rap with the experience of the Ruhr a renaissance. United against the "content and tone of this time-resistant", not made ??use of the Dortmund duo on short-lived trend phenomena, but of innovative hip hop sound and their distinctive style, the poignant German Rap dancehall with melodic passages.

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Der E1ne Zeitspiel

Der E1ne


VÖ-Datum: 25.07.2011
Label: boogieness records
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.