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boogie times



Boogie Times Records represents the defunct French label and online store, devoted to Boogie, Funk, Disco, Modern Soul and old school Rap. Closed since 03/31/2014.

In its active period, Boogie Times was considered one of the world's best sources of rare vinyl and CD's for 80's ; boogie, funky music, disco, modern soul, and old school rap, on 12-inch and 7-inch vinyl singles, LP albums, and CD albums and compilations.

Boogie Times possesses a rich back catalogue which contains releases from a variety of artists such as: Rhyze, Search, Gee Bello, Leon Haywood, Eleanor Goodman, Herbie, Jeffrey, Carol Williams, Kevin Toney, Mick Jessup, Magoo, Benny Rossa, La Voyage, Empulse, Titus Williams, Plaisir, The Cool Notes, Rare Moods, Bliss, McKenzie, Anthony Lockett, amongst many many others,