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bonzay vinyl



Bonzai Vinyl represents the Vinyl-only division of Belgian company Banshee Worx BVBA.

Having left the vinyl market in 2005, the company celebrated in 2012 its 20th anniversary.

The Belgian rave, techno, trance and hardtrance label, Bonzai Records was founded in 1992 its a former sublabel of Lightning Records. In 2003 the mothercompany went bankrupt and a new company was started by former employees: Banshee Worx. The Bonzai label changed its name to Bonzai Music, which is where the Bonzai Records catalog numbering continues.

Banshee Worx was founded in May 2003 some 2 months after the closing of Lightning Records which was the company that took care for the Bonzai brand and imprint since 1992 until early March 2003. Now things changed and Banshee Worx was formed by Fly (owner and founder of the Bonzai trademark), Marnik (former International and A & R from Lightning Records) and 2 artist/producer/djs who were also part of the Lightning Records artist roster, namely: Yves Deruyter, Belgiums number one dj with huge, already considered classic, clubhits such as Calling Earth, The Rebel and Born Slippy.

Last but not least theres Laurent Véronnez aka Airwave, without a doubt a man leading the electronic dance market with superior quality music. Remixing many of his colleagues and deejaying worldwide he is the Caterpillar of the musical bulldozers out there.

As nothing much has changed, a new entity has been formed and the same driving forces behind the succes of the Bonzai imprint will continue to serve the universe with the greatest trance music with artists like Airwave, Yves Deruyter, Push, Plastic Boy, Quadran, Lolo, DJ Fire, Fire & Ice, Solar Factor, Cape Town, Philippe Van Mullem , and many new ones to come.

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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.