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Blu Fin Records



Blu Fin is a Cologne electrohouse label founded by Andrea Engels, the original and long time proprietor of the famous Music Man Record shop. The German imprint was launched in 2005 and is based in Cologne, Germany.

Score with quality instead of quantity, don’t loose track of valence and yet follow the current trends! With this approach BluFin Record succeeded in running „Family Business" for severals years and was able to defy the typical superfical fast-paced developments! This aim is also being pursued with a series of parties which the label has been presenting under its own name since autumn 2009.

The label BluFin, founded by Andrea Engels in 2005, has managed to establish its good reputation. Ms. Engels, a native from Cologne, has been working with music for years already.
As the former owner of the well known record-shop Musicman in the urban area of Cologne’s Südstadt, she has been able to build up some wide network of contacts in the music business. Her open approach to the diversity of music genres very much stems from that time. BluFin as well as its sublabels Yellow Tail Records and Takt very much reflect this openess of hers. Generally, all three platforms are concerned with electronic music, they are however not limited to the genre. What matters is the distinct selection! Although many good demo tapes are regularly being sent to BluFin, only approximately one new record per month is being released which is handled with full attention accordingly.

In 2009 BluFin and Yellow Tail were for the frist time showcasing at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. The combined effort of artists such as Robert Babicz, John Acquaviva, Namito, Kaiser Souzai, Gorge and Pierce succeeded in convincing the spearhead of the American music scene of the high quality of the label.

An important aspect of the philosophy of the label is its familiar approach in creating a good atmosphere of collaboration. For a serveral years already highly renowned artist keep releasing tracks at BluFin or Yellow Tail. Tobias Lützenkirchen, who made the first release for the label, John Acquaviva, Moguai, Spektre, Pierce and many other known acts keep using the label as their familiar homebase. They contribute to the relevance of the label in the Elektro-House segment! Hits such as ‘Zombie’ of Acquaviva & Lützenkirchen in the year 2005 (No 1 beatport , 2 nd best selling track of the year) or ‘Freak Me’ of LXR vs Andrea Doria of the year 2006 (Top 10 all over, big Radio One Player, signed to Gut Instinct UK/News etc.) prove its success.

Yet talented newcomers get their chances too. „The big names run by themselves – the challenge is to build up and to establish new talent − through both patience and passion.

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129 Artikel.      Du siehst: 151 bis 129.    Seiten:   1... 9