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Blending Revival Records



Herman Mohacsi better known under the name of stage fright starts in 2010, his first music label with many newcomers Dj's from Switzerland and also from Holland ... BLENDING REVIVAL RECORDS The label is mainly as a new generation of music label of schweiz.BLENDING REVIVAL RECORDS thus allowing for well-known dj or not SheDj's a little dream! Music direction is not an issue, it is everything that is announced in the Elekrtonic constructed music with bass and juicy Hard Kicks! Stems: Techno Hardcore Electro Minimal Hands Up Electro ARTIST: Lampenfieber TonTon Zweitraum SheDjElectrika SheDjVani Roberto Di Dio Dj C.L (Ciryll) and more

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Marco Hess Hey

Marco Hess


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Label: blending revival records
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