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Blanco y Negro has grown and consolidated itself into one of Spain's most important independent record companies.

Blanco y Negro Music is the leading dance music record company in Spain and is able to work and compete with the most important multinationals. Blanco y Negro Music can be defined as a solid company with a stable infrastructure and company culture that is growing constantly.

The key to our success, apart from the great effort made by our staff, is the excellent relationship we enjoy with the majors and the media. This enables Blanco y Negro to position itself as one of the companies with the most presence on both conventional and technological media. We have the most TV presence and this is also true in other mediums such as radio and internet, where we occupy the top position amongst the other record companies in both the primary and secondary stations and in the specialized press.

The most important foreign artists, DJ's, producers and companies entrust the distribution of their productions and tracks to Blanco y Negro Music.

Our unbeatable exposure at sales points, both physical and online, using all existing promotional tools allowed by distributors or digital shops, make our market implementation especially well known, we achieve massive exposure for our labels and products.

It is quite normal to find our releases at listening points, on banners, in newsletters, among the bestsellers, in shop windows and in business brochures, etc.

Our distribution network is nation wide, with more than 700 sales outlets, including megastores, malls and record shops such as FNAC, El Corte Inglés and others like Mediamarkt, Carrefour, Alcampo, Discos Gong etc. and also the most important digital shops on the planet.

Blanco y Negro currently has a market Share of over 30% of the national Dance segment.

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Karibu, Ruth Calixta Dirty Game

Karibu, Ruth Calixta

Dirty Game

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Label: blanco y negro
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16 Artikel.      Du siehst: 16 bis 16.    Seiten:   12