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Sandy launched Blackwiz in 1993 from his hometown of New York, the very first release was the renowned record ‘Go Black Scatt’ by Kings of Tomorrow.

After moving to the UK he worked with heavyweight Robert Owens and produced ‘Just Wont Do’ which helped blow up the Blackwiz name once again. Other releases that showcased up-and-coming talent followed; Timmy Vegas & Andy Daniell’s ‘Disco Shit’ and Suroh ‘Sentimientos’ among others.

“Blackwiz was an old record label of mine, and everyone was always asking me when I was going to restart it. It has a special place in my heart, and a really decent old catalogue and it just felt right to go for it again” says Sandy. He needed a facility to be able to push out the tracks that really inspired him and allowed him cultivate new talent and showcase it on the label.

Sandy’s recent release of his long awaited artist album ‘The Blackwiz Farm’ in 2010 saw several of the album tracks hit the top 10 charts on Beatport, giving the label velocity to ensure a successful year ahead indeed.

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Rivera,Sandy The Blackwiz Farm


The blackwiz Farm

VÖ-Datum: 27.08.2010
Label: blackwiz
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