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Black Disco represents the California, USA based independent music label launched in 2088 and run by Lovefingers and Nitedog.

Lovefingers.org is an mp3 blog that features tracks from the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Phil Manzanera, King Sunny Ade and Leo Kottke. It's one of the many out there unconsciously defining the "nu-balearica" that bands like Studio, A Mountain of One and Aeroplane are busy crafting odes to. In this burgeoning scene, it seems like those who can't make, edit, and that's exactly what Lovefingers has been doing for the past few years, along with his DJ PARTNER Nitedog, in between their frequent parties in and around the Los Angeles area.

This first collaborative release (Lovefingers put out a solo 12-inch on Rvng late last year) is a gem. 'Mars' launches itself with sonar pings and a funky bass before adding some PIANO tinkling to the mix before dropping a vocal sample. The best part? You can hear the edit if you listen closely right after a moment of chicken-scratch guitar. 'Mexico' follows a similar tack, taking a smoothly orchestrated disco track and making it sing again. '1984' may be the highlight, though. It's a hard-edged track with a delayed guitar knifing its way through the mix and an enormous drum track.