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black sunday



Black Sunday Recordings represents the Rotterdam based independent music label launched in 2010.

The Eerier Child, a Rotterdam-based producer, now releases 3 new tracks on his newly co-founded label Black Sunday Recordings after previously releasing several successful tracks on labels Mindtrick Records and Redrum Recordz. In a still ongoing journey through various music styles, The Eerier Child found shelter in the bold realms of dubstep. In these very realms, he discovered a world where he could release his full power of fierce rhythms and colorful soundscapes drenched in an eerie atmosphere.

Rabid Dogs drags you along, with daggering drums that lure you into uncontrolled excitement at times, and unsettling, yet highly addictive synth lines that make you feel chased by the somewhat darker sides of your own mind at others. This is not for the faint-hearted...

The second track Dead and Buried starts off with a dubsound that developes into an energetic mix of driving rhythms and soothing, nostalgic female vocals. Smooth wobbles dance their way into the hearts of listeners. At first glance this seems to be a happy song.. but somethings not quite right... are there monsters lurking in the dark?

Pieces takes you aboard an electro spaceship on a little trip to cloud-cuckoo-land. Swaying beats and distinctive horror sounds will sweep you on a dancefloor of vast spacescapes, switching from four on the floor to a half time feel. and back.. Yes, this is all so unreal!