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Black Plastic



Black Plastic represents one of the subdivision of Alphabet City Records, the long-running label founded by Klaus Derichs and Marc Romboy in 1992.

Sister labels: Alpha+, Alphabet City Bass, Alphabet City Classix, Alphabet City Progressive, Alphabet City UK, Alphabet Classix, Alphabet Media, Alphabet Music, Deadly Sins, Dropout, Elektro Pop Records, eTools, Final Chapter, Frown Recordings, Funkwelle, Go For It, La Maison Grande, Le Petit Prince, Marc et Claude's, Midway Records, Promo (2), Roach Motel, School Records, Session Deluxe, Shortcut Recordings, Slotmachine, Sonic City, Starlet, Superior, T:Classixx, Trackland, Turbobass, Vice Versa Recordings.

Black Plastic is the home for artists like Future Breeze, Heiko & Maiko, Marc Van Linden, Francesco Morelli, Dave McCullen, Lazy Rokkaz, Public Class, Lambda, and several others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.