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Bit Music represents the Electronic dance division of Divucsa Music, S. A. U.

The Spanish music label was founded in 1994, and ever since it has broadcasting essentially makina electronic music, but also more notably gabber, UK hardcore, hardtrance, hard house, dance and hardstyle.

Bit Music is based in Spain, in the region of Barcelona. It is often associated with the term of Wagram, French label who collaborated with it to distribute compilations Makina in France during the first half of the 2000s. It is also responsible for creating some sub-labels such as Xque Records, Coliseum records, Hardcore Come Back or Chasis Records.

During the late 2000s, the vinyl record was in crisis. Bit Music offers its customers all the outputs of titles in this format as popular DJ ( amateur or professional ) Makina . Excluding these are turning increasingly to digital styles, such as CD or MP3 file format. In the late 2000s, Bit Music multiplies the output of compilation albums, often incorporating the best compositions of the label, and is also engaged in the sale of its new standards in MP3 digital format , eventually abandoning the vinyl in 2009 not now sell more than MP3 . This transition format has not generally been followed by fans of the style .

After a peak in the early 2000s, Makina style has been steadily losing popularity. In 2010 , despite some new releases major producers such as Gerard Requena, Toni M and Victor Ronda, Bit Music was unable to regain the young audience.

The label is by far the one that has distributed more than Makina music for nearly two decades (16 years, more exactly ) 1. By the late 1990s, many singles sold by the label reached the Spanish charts as Pont Aeri vol.2 Buenri and Skudero or Let's Go to Emphassis.

Sublabels: Bit Dance, Bit Progressive Music, Chasis Records, Coliseum Records, Colisound Records, Hardcore Come Back, House Works, Limite Records, Overbooking Records, Xque Records.

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