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Bilanez Music



Bilanez Music is a Düsseldorf based independent online label founded in 2012. Our aim is to have a balanced mix between club compatibility and atmospheric lounge music. At home or in the club, ultimately we have the task of keeping the listener entertained. Without been squeezed into one musical pigeonhole but still keeping our own identity we want to skip through many directions.

The goal is not to get stuck on one sound but explore the sonic possibilities ahead of us. By concentrating on only a few producers we can give each artist the space he needs to present quality music to you.

Gareth Bilaney is one of the main men behind Bilanez Music and a very talented musician in his own right. Gareth Bilaney, also known as one half of Leaking Shell, is a deep house producer and electronic music composer.

The young german imprint, Bilanez Music has developed in a short time an impressive back catalogue with releases from acts like: Leaking Shell, Gareth Bilaney, Dorian Clein, Indelible Shell, Alex Sosa, and several others.

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Leaking Shell AIR

Leaking Shell


VÖ-Datum: 09.03.2018
Label: bilanez music
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Max Franklin Move

Max Franklin


VÖ-Datum: 30.01.2017
Label: bilanez music
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  • €1.79

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