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biatch corp



Biatch Corp is an egalitarian organization born in Colombia and mainly based in New York City with one objective: to engage in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power through the formation of dancefloor-oriented music since 2007.

Biatch Corp embraces all clandestine and complicit elements within electronic music culture. Our motives also lie within creating sensible lawless interactions, encouraging multi-techno cultural interchange, and transforming our increasingly mad environment.

Biatch Corp Recordings was officially established in 2008, proposing a morphing musical concept framed within techno and house music and its main derivations whose explorations and experimentation stand out and communicate beyond their own abstraction, keeping a fine grade of freshness and pleasure to conduct a driven, hard-hitting delivery with a clean anti-corporate moral.

Biatch Corp Recordings serves as the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Abagale Fischer, Ascii.Disko, Peter Corvaia, Pawas, Karraskilla, Paul Eg, Julio, Deepak Sharma, Derek Martin, Bettosun, Brendon Moeller, Ethan Borshansky, James Kumo, amongst several others.