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berlin consumer records



Berlin Consumer Records, is a new label which is focusing on raw stripped back, industrialized techno for darker environments, by combining new artists and established artists in techno with the intention of allowing the artists to be more expressive.

Monya - Somatics The Book - This is the debut album from Monya on BCR. The album is a journey through chaos, with dark intense atmospheres, hypnotic and ambient drones. This is an introspective journey by means of sound, and using this too connect with the listeners, with a wide range of mixed styles within the genre of techno. With sound too suit different places and environments.

Consisting of Eight Original tracks, backed with remixes, from some more established artists in techno. Monya's original tracks range from raw stripped back intense underground techno, that is made for dark clubs, relentless and pounding from the start, To more subtle techno.

For the remixes the legendary Steve Stoll is first to deliver a remix, taking you on a hypnotic techno trip from the beginning till the end of the track, with a very raw edge. The second remix is from Rotterdam based producer Bas Mooy, a powerful techno track, with sinister and eerie undertones this will be sure too demolish clubs.The last remix is from Joseph McGeechan, as he delivers an industrial version of the track, influenced by the more industrial sound of techno, harsh and heavy with a hypnotic 303, this is very warehouse style techno.

The label does not have an aim, other than to find diverse sounds within techno and have a continued ethic of diverse techno on the label.

It will have releases from artists like Joseph McGeechan, Monya, John Mitchell, Chris Page,Ross Alexander, Ad.Lib, Deadsound and Videohead, Worx, Unperson, with remixes from established artists such as Steve Stoll, Bas Mooy, Rebekah and more.

The label has also had label nights in the world renowned Tresor, with more too follow, in the future.

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monya somatics - incl. steve stoll rmx BACK IN


somatics - incl. steve stoll rmx BACK IN

VÖ-Datum: 05.09.2014
Label: berlin consumer records
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