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Bellarine Recordings



Bellarine Recordings represents the Melbourne, Australia based independent music label launched in 2005 and devoted to putting out quality releases that encompass many areas of house music, including progressive, tribal, tech-house, minimal, funky and more.

Founded in late 2005, Bellarine is now regarded as a quality label that has helped many new artists enter the scene without being tied down to the latest sound fad.

If I like it, I'll release it, and the fact that many of the tracks have ended up on compilations as well as #1 spots on respected Promo Pools such as Release and Balance is testament to this attitude.

Ever since its inception, Bellarine Recordings has developed a rich back catalogue which includes releases coming up from a variety of artists such as: Rob Masterton, Xaric, Neon Logic, Lushi, Jay Kaufman, Dingle, Aber, Ariel Curtis, Ryan Sullivan, Mark Duffin, Matt Black, Danny Lloyd, Guido Sava, Lea D, Cristian Gandini, amongst many others.