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bear funk



Bear Funk represents the Label based in London (UK) and devoted to Disco House launched back in 2003. The british imprint is a sublabel of Bear Entertainment and is run by Stevie Kotey.

Stevie got his first taste for music at 16 working for Audio One studios in Soho London, a promotion from tea boy to tape operator gave him a chance to sit in on various pop productions and also confirmed his urge to get into the music biz.

After years of top productions and remixes Stevie launched Bearfunk in 2002. Bear Entertainment is now one of the world's most talked about independent disco distribution companies. With a catalogue of music that ranges from Disco to Balearic and from Funk to Acid house The Bear is known for its love of weird music and stupid humour. Bears' A&R repertoire reads like the who's who of wonky disco but that's not all. In 2002 Stevie joined forces with his Stafford amigos Chicken Lips for both DJ, live and studio duties.
Sister Labels: Big Bear, Economy DJ, Full Pupp, Hairy Claw.

Bear Funk is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Altz, Arturo Capone, Bottin, Chicken Lips, Clap Rules, The Diaphanoids, Fabrizio Mammarella, Foolish and Sly, Hans-Peter Lindstrom, Idjut Boys, Ilija Rudman, DJ Kent, Lasertom & The Blast Crew, Max Essa, Roberto Auser, Stevie Kotey, Tobor Experiment Disco Experience, Todd Terje, Visti & Meyland, amongst many others.

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Max Essa Won Ton Sunrise

Max Essa

Won Ton Sunrise

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Label: bear funk
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