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bass planet



Bass Planet represents the break, electro label launched by WestBam and Klaus Jankuhn back in 2007 and its parent label is LJ Recordings, but Kontor Records manage their back catalogue. Maximilian Lenz, the brother of Fabian Lenz (DJ Dick) was born on 4 March 1965 in Münster, Westphalia. Not only is he Germany's most successful and most popular DJ and avantgardist of the Raving Society, he is also the most innovative producer and co-founder of Berlin's Indie Dance label, Low Spirit Recordings.

WestBam is in fact the abbreviated form of Westphalia BamBaataa and derives from this artist's home state in Germany and his role model Afrika Bambaataa. 1983 marked the beginning of his DJ career in the Odeon Club in Münster. In 1984 he made a permanent move to Berlin which was still divided by the Wall. WestBam started as DJ at Berlin's famous Metropol and his sophisticated mixing techniques brought him fame far beyond the borders of the divided city. In 1985 WestBam worked with Klaus Jankuhn to produce his first 12" entitled "17" which was inspired by Paul Hardcastle's "19". In 1989 he made his first album "The Cabinet". This was the first DJ-concept album to be launched on the German market.

The other cofounder of Bass Planet is Klaus Jankuhn, a german rave and techno producer.Mostly worked as a co-producer for well-known artists such as WestBam and Marusha. Also well-known for the Members Of Mayday project, together with WestBam.

In other words, Bass Planet means smacked up beats,pieces big signs,signals dirty breaks ,distorted bleeps life, direct mixes rough cuts, soft technology two turntables, a microphone serious fun, irritainment & of course bass, bass & bass. Bass Planet represents a new platform to release the music of the two owner, but they are also searching continuously for new talents.

Bass Planet is the home for several artists like WestBam, Members of Mayday, WB Loops, HardWaks, Serial Funk, MoM, just to name a few.