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Basmati Records represents the Cologne based independent music label launched in 2009 and run by Gabriel Ananda.

In 2008, Gabriel founded his own label, Bamati, as a place where he can release his own productions with complete artistic freedom, and by the end of 2011 Basmati celebrated its nine releases, eight of those from Gabriel himself. One of the most notable being the Live Series, which brings the energy of his live sets to the DJ, and includes the worldwide chart topper, "Hey Blop".

Now Techno has its own fair TRADE. Basmati, the new label by Gabriel Ananda (artist direction) and Marcel Janovsky (management), does not indulge in pretentious bragging. So, whats it all about? Well, the MUSIC , of course. And only the music. Organic stuff, so to speak. Tracks made by pure immersion. No plans, no blueprints. Just going with the flow, unleashing the inner krautrock while staying true to the basics of techno. Gabriel and friends at their best. Inhale.

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Tiger Rose Food For Dreams

Tiger Rose

Food For Dreams

VÖ-Datum: 03.11.2011
Label: basmati
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • Techno
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