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BAR25 Soundtracks



Bar25 represents the independent german music label established in 2006 and located in Berlin, Germany. The label is associated with the Berlin riverside club of the same name.

Bar 25 was one of Berlins most famous and vibrant electronic underground venues, known for its unique spirit, location and selection of music.

Starting off as a small wooden bar that offered the first few night owls an alternative to overcrowded clubs and mainstream parties, Bar25 quickly gained its reputation through word of mouth for being the-place-to be in Berlins electronic music scene.

A legend was born when the group of friends who started Bar 25 continued their work by adding a music stage, a fireplace, a restaurant, a sauna area with pool and private accommodation. Besides the unique location Bar25s emphasis was to offer Berlins spoiled electronic scene the latest sounds offered by the best national and international DJ's. Bar25s reputation spread throughout Europe and beyond becoming a reference for the sound of Berlin. After 7 years, the bar was closed in September 2010 after a five-day party.

What came after was KaterHolzig. Run in part by Christoph Klenzendorf, one of the main figures behind Bar25, KaterHolzig is a large indoor/outdoor club on the Spree in Kreuzberg. Much like Bar25, the outdoor section includes a dance floor in a wooden, cabin-like structure, plus a variety of places to sit near the water.

KaterHolzig holds the reputation as one of the most advanced and cutting edge party places in the world, and we are honoured to be bringing their sound to London for the very first time.

The german imprint, Bar25 hosts a variety of artits, and to name a few: Javier Logares, Dirty Doering, Brian Cares, Matt John, Random Skills, Druma, Nu, Wareika, The Cheapers, Sebastien Bouchet, and many others.