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Bang Bang!



Bang Bang! is Amsterdamís hot new House imprint with Sandy Huner and 2000 and One at the forefront.

Vision and versatility - the DNA that defines 2000 and One (aka Dylan Hermelijn) as an artist. His pioneering vision across more than two decades of music genres, now ranks him as one the most versatile, in-demand international artists, commanding weekly performances on the house, techno and techhouse global club and festival circuits.

Not only recognised as a magnet for the clubbing crowds, 2000 and One is also credited for championing the sounds of Amsterdamís new school DJ and Producer generation and propelling the sceneís visibility into the international club headlights.

Based in Amsterdam, his involvement with seven of the cityís finest techno, techhouse and house labels - 100% Pure, Remote Area, Area Remote, plus Intacto (with Shinedoe), Bitten and Bangbang! (with Sandy Hüner) and his brand new deep and dubby vinyl only label 'Moving Vibrations'(with Shirley Asafo- Adjaye) has offered a framework for the new generation of producers to hit the world stage.

Producer, Amsterdam label heavyweight, DJ - Sandy Huner has been pioneering techhouse and house sounds since the early 90ís. He co-founded Amsterdam imprint 100% Pure in 1993 and now heads up three labels: Thirtyonetwenty - Bitten - Bangbang!

Sandy Hüner released his first tracks in the beginning of the nineties under names like Babies From Gong and Pure on some of the most prestigious labels at the time such as Eevolute, ESP and Beechwood, where 15 releases followed in quick succession.

In the early 90s, driven by a need for creative freedom, Sandy and Dylan Hermelijn [2000 and One] teamed up. Based in Amsterdam, the launch of their techhouse label 100% Pure enabled them to spearhead their own vision of dance music.

Throughout the years Sandyís impeccable taste for good music remained and 10 years on, inspired by the new sounds emanating from his Amsterdam home town, Sandy became once again deeply involved in the scene. Having met Dave Ellesmere in 2006, the two quickly forged a strong friendship which resulted in the creation on their new label thirtyonetwenty (the international dialling code to connect with Amsterdam), now run soley by Sandy.

In 2008, Sandy and Dylan joined forces again and launched a new house label Bangbang! then in 2009, they co-founded their new techhouse label Bitten.

Bangbang! Records has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue containing releases and collaborations with acts like: Lauhaus, Mesquitas, Talking Props, Pete Bandit, Cuartero, Bas Struik, 2000 and One, Markus Homm, Butch, Anthony Collins, Aron Friedman, Sandy Huner, Jay Bliss, Gabriele Baldi, Melon, Two Armadillos, amongst many many others.

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