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Babaorum Production



Babaorum Reords represents the independent french music label located in the North of France (Lille). The Label is specialized in Hardtekno and Jumpstyle but also Hardcore(Total Hardcore), House (Only House Records) and Electro (Only Electro Records) releases.

Sublabels: Aqua Records (2), Argonaut Records, Atomik Production, Babaclassic, Boy Regis Records, Caprice (2), Chicago Connection, Doo Beat Shoo Records, Lobotomy Records (2), Lowone, Rythme Import Records, Total Hardcore Records, Unik Sound Records, Warez Audio.

Babaorum is the favourite home platform for a variety of artists such as : Binum, Mad'house, B Express, Atom, DJ Greg C, DJ Ross, Jenny D Light, Lobotomy Inc, Lethal MG, Alessanger Colson, Dinamik, Kartman, Soulshiverz, Microbe, Dawa X, amongst many others.