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Axe Gabba Records



Axe Gabba Records represents the base for Axe Gabba Murdo Mob to deliver another heavy impact high level dose of technical (UK) Hardcore.

The 3rd release on Axe Gabba Records by The Axe Gabba Murda Mob is a fact! Once again total oblivion by the mob in the form of 4 skull crumbling tracks. The head hit Axe Gabba Mental Murda Beatz, Blood Languange, Skoro Budo and Bullet Proof Bitch take the meaning of high quality alphahardcore to the next level. Next level stuff!

The A-side hosts Axe Gabba Mental Murda Beatz and Blood Languange. The A1 track is pure carnage.Blistering that easily pound their way through any brick wall or bunker. Play this on a party and the result is total bonkers: people going wild, arms, legs and other body parts flight through the room and exploding heads due to massive ear pressure, this track is hard to handle, in the good sense of the word! Blood Language is an awesome broken hardcore track representing straight up Axe Gabba street culture. A wicked a side!

The B-Side, if you can even call it a B-Side, continues where the A-Side left off. Straight up dancefloor destruction with Skoro Budo and Bullet Proof Bitch. Fast kickdrums, blistering breaks, wikid scratches combined with gangsta vocals set foot for yet another classic Axe Gabba Murda Mob release. Extremely limited once again, we expect this release to go very fast. Order now!