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AW Recordings represents Arne Weinberg's label founded in 2004.

Born 1973 and raised in south Germany Arne was influenced as a young kid by his mother and her varied musical tastes. After several excursions into different musical styles such as Death Metal and Hip Hop in his teenage years, Arne finally discovered Techno music at the age of 21. Since that time he became infected and soon started to deejay.

After practising his turntable skills at home he became a resident deejay at the Depot club in Tuebingen, where he ran a monthly party event for 5 years. There he met with artists like Oliver Kapp, Fabrice Lig, Shake, Pacou; and lots of others, and developed his passion for the deeper shades of techno music, especially those coming from Detroit.

In 2000 Arne decided to make his first attempts at producing deep melodic techno himself with only a computer, and soon realised that he needed to get some real gear to express himself authenticly. Armed only with a few pieces of gear he started to do his first real tracks and soon got a record deal with the Frankfurt based label Propaganda. His first record, the Through the colonnades EP was released in early 2001 and gained some good reactions such as getting charted by Laurent Garnier.

Becoming far more influenced by deep electronic music, Arne began building his studio and his own musical style. Soon he got in contact with Otto Koppius, labelowner of the Dutch Groundzero/Keynote label, and got his second release, the Snowflake EP in 2002.

After that a lot of 12s followed, released on labels such as Starbaby, Down Low, Headspace and Technoir Audio (together with Shawn Rudiman). Many other projects can be expected from him in the future, including his own imprint AW-Recordings.

AW Recordings is the home platform not only for the owner’s releases but it welcomes also a variety of other artists such as: The Moderator, Erell Ranson, Kubra, Paul Mac, Convextion, Deixis, amongst several others.