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Ava. represents the Techno label founded by Damiano von Erckert. Born at the end of the 80's in Germany, Damiano listened to the sound of Strictly Rhythm, West End Records, Nite Grooves, etc. because of his father, who was a 90's House and Blackmusic dj. His DJ sets are made up of classic House, Techno, Disco, Soul and Funk. Influenced by the sound of his childhood he founded his label "Ava." in 2011.

"Ava." is committed to the tradition of House and Techno, while seeking the permanent link to freshness and innovation. Being open to external influences and with paying tribute to contemporary clubmusic, "Ava." wants to contribute to its development and offer a platform to emerging artists as well as to the interested public. It´s not only a label but a collective of Cologne`s House music scene.

Ava.`s debuted with the founder and mastermind Damiano von Erckert`s first solo album. "Love Based Music" is the pure mirror of Ava.´s and von Erckert`s musical soul. Features, co-productions and bonusremixes of Motor City Drum Ensemble, SomeOthaShip Connect artist Georgia Anne Muldrow Tito Wun aka Twit One, Funkycan and Imam Ally-Salaam complete the album and link House, Hip Hop, Soul, Disco and Poetry. "Love Based Music" for the first time comes with an extraordinary art movie called "Time Sucker" on DVD by artist Hermes Katharis Villena Silva in cooperation with Damiano von Erckert. It is nothing less, than a visual concept and documentation of an Ava.-release. "Love Based Music" is so far the biggest project of Ava. and Damiano von Erckert.

Now in full swing and already working alongside the likes of Lowtec, Twit One, Murat Tepeli, Andy Vaz, Christopher Rau and Funkycan, AVA. have a strong desire to build a platform from which they can pay tribute to contemporary club music and having initially compiled what is surely the first real prominent house and techno collective in Cologne, they now look with a wider scope to further develop the multifarious label, for which Damiano is leading the A&R. Maintaing a retro feel throughout their ethos and core value, every release's cover is hand made with meticulous detail, with the artwork usually sourced from vintage photographs or pictures.

"Ava." brings a lot of Cologne House & Techno artists like Damiano von Erckert, Tito Wun aka Twit One, Funkycan, Christopher Rau, Murat Tepeli, Lowtec, Andy Vaz, Prosumer, Ugly Drums, Harry Swinger aka Superswinger, Martin Beume etc. together and provides a platform for joint projects and new ideas.

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damiano von erckert

Giant Pandas And Other Nice Things In Li

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6 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 6.