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authentic music



Authentic Music represents the independent Cologne based music label launched in 2000 and it’s a subdivision of Psycho Thrill Recordingss.

Psycho Thrill Recordings belongs to Cologne's PSYCHO THRILL venue founded by Claus Bachor in 1991. The label exists since 1998 and is currently distributed by DBH Music (www.dbh-music.com) and deals basically with Detroit Techno, Electro, Chicago Basics and similar styles. There are subdivisons like Authentic Music, Sky's Ablaze Records and Degu Technique Recordings dealing more various ways with the IDM, Minimal and also Dub orientated Techno/House subject. Authentic Music is also now distributed by DBH Music after spending it's first time at Formic, Kompakt and either Neuton distribution.

Founded by Claus Bachor in 2000 as a subdivision of Psycho Thrill Recordings, Authentic Music deals more with the subtle subjects of dub-tech, deep house and minimal,, but without a main concentration on this genre.

This is also a basic reason why Authentic Music now spents Neuton as a well known home for so called future classics for it's distribution. +++ * except releases 001 / 003 / 004 which were first schemed as more Techno / Tech-House releated Psycho Thrill releases in a classic manner, but helped in 2000/1 to start the new imprint as a substitute in a time where a thief - people who know know! - tried to steal the copyrights of the motherlabel.

Label motto: ‘’Brothers... Sisters... / One day we'll all be free... / From fighting... violence... / People crying in the streets. // When the angels from above / Come down and spread their wings like doves... / As we walk hand in hand... / Sisters... Brothers... / We'll make it to the promised land!‘‘

Authentic Music is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Bassic Pressure, Drivetrain, Sebastian Skrapic, Jackmate, Salz, Claus Bachor, Carsten Rausch, Lockstep, Nico Grubert, amongst many others.