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Aurour Records, Is a new independent label based in South-Italy, founded in 2011, specializing in House and Techno sonorities.

The Aurour philosophy is to focus on quality sound and to become a stage for talented newcomers and for already honored producers as well.

The AUROUR-sound fuses all musical genres to travelling through Old School House to Techno sonorities, hoping to become a valuable alternative for your listening.

Since has been launched in 2011, Aurour Records is growing every day, but already includes in its back catalogue releases from a variety of acts such as: Andrea Blanco, Klang, Matteo Barile, Okee Ru, Rfx, Saverio Celestri, Mindhacker, Paul Cart, Marco DL; Andy & MyKenzie, Antonio Ub, Gabriele Mineo, Mario Impellizzeri, DJ Mend, Fabio Nelson, Raffaele Greco, amongst many others.