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The techno imprint Audiosculpture was founded in 2000 by Damian Keane, Eddy Kreischer, Dave Miller and Sicco Bosscher. The origin of the name came about as follows. One day in the mid-nineties one of their members his brother was listening to a mix tape, it was the first time he heard techno. After half an hour he said this is like audiosculpture. The name never left their minds and when the time was right they all agreed this would be the name for their label.

Audiosculpture is a label which focuses on deep and hypnotizing layered techno with its roots firmly based in the old school American and English sound, adding their own unique twist. Their aim is to produce dance floor friendly techno but also music which you can listen to (not merely tools or whatever is the hype at that moment).

The four founding members have a long history in the Dutch music scene. They all have different backgrounds ranging from Alternative, New Wave, Italo Disco, Electro, Old School Hip Hop to Drum and Bass and whatever was not in the charts in the eighties. Most of them got into techno round about 1993.

The diversity in their backgrounds allows them to produce a unique sound which they cherish. For them it is important to stand out from the generic and copycat scene which somehow emerged at the turn of the millennium. They see music as an art form and sculpture their sounds carefully. After a couple of years of silence they return to the scene which they feel is back on track music wise and a scene they think they can truly feel a part of again.

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sculpturism return to form ep 1/3


return to form ep 1/3

VÖ-Datum: 26.07.2013
Label: audiosculpture
  • 12" Belgium
    12" Belgium
  • Techno
  • sculpt010
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