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Audiomatique Recordings is the german label founded in 2006 by Steve Bug initially as a side label to the seminal poker flat Recordings, and a medium to release music that neither fitted to Poker Flat or dessous. Audiomatique was created as a playground for modern Techno- and House music in the broadest sense. Shortly after, the young imprint started to build its own signature sound, supporting a growing network of extremely talented producers, pining for techy, modern and club-ready sounds.

Audiomatique Recordings is the sublabel of Poker Flat Recordings, and it's based in Hamburg, and releases mainly twelve inches, EPS and mixed compilations by name-worthy artists and DJS like Gui Boratto, Trentemoller, Patrick Chardonnet, Tigerskin, Crane A.K. Doomworks.

The first highlight on Audiomatique was the massive worldwide clubhit Physical Fraction' by Anders Trentemoller - the record that kicked it all off for the danish shooting star & which appears here in a special Martinez edit that isn't available elsewhere. Another strong clubhit was the Martinez' Shadowboxing' which comes with a brilliant Trentemoller remix.
Further 12 inches featured great works by producers like Rob Acid, jussi-pekka, DK7's Mark O'Sullivan, John Dahlback, Thomas Barnett and the first label compilation 'Audiomatique 1.0' on CD and two 12 inches.

Audiomatique Recordings releases have been charted by Steve Bug, Tom Clark, Rodriguez Jr., Ralf Kollmann, Homework, Wehbba, marco bailey, Christian Smith, Rodriguez Jr., Moguai, Christian Smith, Mirko loko, Max Cooper, ambivalent, DJ T., Oxia, Marc Romboy, Martin Eyerer, Martin Landsky, Jody Wisternoff, Joel Mull and many many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.