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audio innovation records



The label “Audio innovation Records“ was brought to life in 2011 by the union of friends. It places primarily on known dimensions with new ideas, as well as on still unknown newcomers to those one should give a chance to present himself and to show to the market they are completely full blood musicians who didn´t need to hide with her releases behind the big one.

A lot of value is placed here of quality instead of quantity. The focus lies in the area Techno and also other styles are very interesting for the still young Label. One may be curious, on which what still comes in future.

The new established Audio Innovation Records stands for sonorous names in connection with new ideas launching the electronic sound sphere! Bass-Boost, playfully adapted melodies, remarkable sound always moving forward! That is what we know and what we can expect, on Krischmann&Klingenberg next EP!

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felix tuch seasons ep

felix tuch

seasons ep

VÖ-Datum: 26.04.2013
Label: audio innovation records
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