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audio addict



Audio Addict is a dance MUSIC record label primarily releasing Drum & Bass music.

Established in 2010 by DJ Hybrid & Dub Kid the label started out as a platform for them to release their own music and promote themselves worldwide. After a few releases they decided that they wanted to expand the label and search for other artists that would bring different styles and diversity to the label and help promote the brand.

With plans to bring more high quality releases over the next few years the label is expecting to get more popular with each release, with support from DJ’s such as Grooverider, Kenny Ken, Doc Scott & Nicky Blackmarket to name a few the foundations of the label have been set and it can only grow from here.

Artists who have released on Audio Addict: DJ Hybrid / Dub Kid / Rollz / DJ Vapour / Soulculture / Jaybee / Section / T.H.D / Soul Defiance / DJ L.A.B / Kitty / Toddlah / Rosamundi / Aria .