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Atena Music



Atena Music was founded in the summer of 2007 abd was incorporated as an independent music label inside the famous Atena Distribution AG. Atena Music is aiming to promote the new generation of Cuban Music trying to make it acceptable outside any borders.

The great success of the Cehian music label is firstly thanks to the project ‘’Cuba presents – Cubaton’’ which was created in collaboration with Topaz Sound. Eight of the hottest top bands from Cuba (stars like Haila, Charanga Habanera, Clan 537, El Medico, Gente De Zona, Elvis Manuel, Eddy K and Jessee Suarez) have united for the ‘’Cuba presents – Cubaton’’ project and each of them has done a great work and made a lot of effort in order for the realization of the project.

Atena Music & Topaz Sound bring together for the first time ever, the main bands and with great effort and a lot of work they realized the first video ‘’Amigos’’ by Eddie K in collaboration with the others artists having the support of the Cuban Ministry Of Culture. The project was amazingly established in quite a short time and the Cubaton album will consist 20 of the best songs that dominated the Cuban charts for a few months. The Cubaton album will also include a dew brand new, not yet published songs. Moreover, the album will also contain an exclusive DVD with many video material, rarities of the musicians themselves, and also some videoclips from today’s Cuba music.