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Artistika Records represents the Naples, Italy based music label launched in 2010.

The last release from the Italian label is ‘’A Chicago Legend’’ from Gene Hunt. Directly from the Music Box of Chicago and with the blessing of Ron Hardy we are proud to introduce you the next record coming out on Artistika. Chicago based artist Gene Hunt is came back with another stunning and explosive release on the italian Artistika recordings. Since the late 80s, as now, the fresh mix of vocal-imprinted chicago-house and roughly soulful techno is that characterize in major way Hunts sound. After several releases on Djax, Hybrid, Mc Projects, Step 2 House, Svek or Rush Hour, he brings us 4 CLASSICAL HOUSE TUNES on the new Artistika Release. >I am from the old school. I have seen many eras of house change over the years and I know what the people want< (cit. Gene Hunt).

Artistika Rec is also the home platform Restart Stone, Viesse, Tom Ellis, Suz, Markus Schatz, Johnny Fiasco, amongst many others.

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gene hunt a chicago legend

gene hunt

a chicago legend

VÖ-Datum: 05.09.2013
Label: artistika
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