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Art Of Vengeance



Art Of Vengeance represents the music label established in 2010 and run by Aril Brikha, one of the world leading Assyrian Techno musicians. Aril was nominated for the Best Dance album in the Swedish National radio Gold Gala award in his adopted country of Sweden.

It's hard to believe that more than a decade has passed since Aril Brikha released his seminal Detroit techno influenced masterpiece - Deeparture In Time on Derrick May's Transmat label. The album continues to be name checked and half-whispered on the lips of those who devote themselves to the preservation of such things.

After yet another production hiatus, Brikha made the decision in early 2010 to finally set up a label of his own. The idea and name for it was actually conceived prior to the Transmat release but when that happened, the name of the planned label, Art of Vengeance was used as the the titel of the Fragile EP.

Now the label Art of Vengeance is born and the first release will be in the form of a 10 year anniversary of the first album that came out on Transmat, Deeparture in Time. The album has been revisited in collaboration with Jesper Dahlbäck who has remastered all the tracks and during the digging in old DAT-tapes, old and unreleased tracks were found. These tracks are put on an additional CD with other rare tracks that came out as b-sides or on the US version of Deeparture in Time.

Besides being mainly the home platform for the owner releases, more exactly for Aril Brikha, Art Of Vengeance includes also in its back catalogue releases from other several artists such as Sailor & I, Christian Vance, and new others to join.

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Christian Vance Uneasy Me

Christian Vance

Uneasy Me

VÖ-Datum: 12.04.2013
Label: art of vengeance
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