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Art & Craft



Arts & Crafts Productions is a music-focused media and artist services company that offers information as an independent record label, management firm, merchandiser, and publisher worldwide. It has earned 20 JUNO Awards. Arts & Crafts has been called one of Canada's most important record labels.

Arts & Crafts (also referred to as "A&C") was launched as a music company in 2003 by friends Jeffrey Remedios, a former Virgin Records executive and Kevin Drew, who co-founded flagship group Broken Social Scene (BSS) with Brendan Canning. The partnership was originally intended as a vehicle for self-release and artist management of Broken Social Scene's breakthrough album You Forgot It in People, and the structure quickly formed as a platform to release albums and manage the careers of artists directly affiliated with members of Broken Social Scene. In addition to BSS albums the labels first releases were by Stars, Jason Collett, Feist, Apostle of Hustle and Valley of the Giants.

In 2005 The Most Serene Republic was the first band unrelated to Broken Social Scene to sign to Arts & Crafts and officially marked a shift of scope broader than the projects related to Broken Social Scene.

A&C began its foray into the digital music business launching GalleryAC.com in 2005, a boutique web store that offered digital downloads and Arts & Crafts related merchandise. They were one of the first labels to launch a digital download store.

In 2004, Remedios expanded the operation into Montreal basing himself out of the offices of DKD who later partnered to form Arts & Crafts International, releasing the gold selling album Set Yourself on Fire by Montreal based group, Stars.

Arts & Crafts were among the first labels to offer a strategy for combating advance music leaks by offering Stars follow-up album In Our Bedroom After the War for sale before promotional copies were ever manufactured and distributed by issuing wide release as a digital download only 3 days following album completion.

In 2009 Rolling Stone cited Remedios as a key insider reshaping the future of the music biz.

Arts & Crafts Music (also known as GalleryAC Music) controls or administers the publishing rights to much of the music released by the Arts & Crafts label.

On 14 January 2013, Arts & Crafts announced it would be holding the Field Trip Arts & Crafts Music Festival to commemorate their ten-year anniversary. Signed on to headline are Arts & Crafts labelmates Broken Social Scene, Feist, and Stars. Along with the festival celebration, Arts & Crafts will be releasing a rarities compilation titled, Arts & Crafts: 2003-2013. The compilation will be released as a double album or four LPs and will include selected rarities from across the Arts & Crafts catalog. A second compilation album, Arts & Crafts: X, was released in May and featured newly recorded collaborations between A&C artists.