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Appian Sounds



Appian Sounds represents the british independent music label launched in 2012 and run out of Clapton, London E5 & Dublin City.

Appian Sounds is a Vinyl only label which takes its influences from varying shades of House, Techno & Electronica. Based between East London & Dublin, we plan to showcase Irish talent alongside producers from all over the world. The quality of Appian records stems from a combination of musicianship, production and cover art.

Our aim is to put love and care into each release, giving it the best possible design and packaging. Each release is a strictly limited edition and will never be repressed.

The Appian Sounds family consists of: Eduardo De La Calle, Mint4000, Slowburn, LAAK, Ney Faustini, Rob Belleville, Slowburn, Ethyl & Flori, Ivano Tetelepta & Steven Siwalette, Imugem Orihasam, Joey Anderson, Leonid, DJ Spider, Natan H, Life Recorder, Miltiades.

We really hope you like what we are doing!