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Deepness, magnetism, originality and hypnosis define the Apnea label created in 2004 by Imek and Jose Luis Villalobos, as a part of the NET28 family.

Imek is the label manager of Apnea, a techno oriented label started in 2004 with Jose Luis Villalobos. He is also one of the founders of Net28, the network of labels created in Madrid by Alex Under, Damián Schwartz, Tadeo, Jose Luis Villalobos and himself.

Imek started djing in 1999; in 2000 he got his first dj residence at Meiso Club, where he selected minimal beats and dub techno. In 2002 and 2003 he became a usual guest at Soma Experimental Club and Low Club, being also resident dj of Cocoon (Madrid); in those clubs he selected electronic dance music from Detroit, Berlin, Chicago and Co..

Since 2004 he has been playing regularly in the most relevant clubs and events in Spain and Europe, displaying his personal vision of techno, which is also represented in the music released on Apnea.

With releases/remixes by Alex Under, Tadeo, Damian Schwartz, Martin Buttrich, Hieroglyphic Being, Cassy, Susbtance, Lusine, Tobias, Imek, Jetone, From Karaoke To Stardom... Deep & mad techno from Madrid.