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Anticlub represents the Techno label from Eindhoven, also throwing parties under the same name. The dutch label was founded by Olav Acker and Gideon.

Anticlub is a collective that started in 2005 founded by two notorious underground personalities from Eindhoven. After hitting the streets with their stickers, posters and underground parties, Anticlub was expanding and recruited some more like-minded artists who spread the word fast over the south of Holland. With the underground/ illegal parties they caught the attention of newspapers and even the national TV. A record label called Anticlub followed, releasing mostly techno and electro tracks. After this great run the two notorious personalities went their own way, leaving only one of the originals at Anticlub.

As time went by, new music and a new vibe was born. Anticlub recruited some vocalists and a talented rapper from London to join the gang. This resulted in the collective’s debut album called “Freaks And Followers”. With the album Anticlub shows that besides the pervious events and label activities it is not only a collective that spots and organizes art-related objects, it is also able to create art itself. As Anticlub learned from their past experiences, that doing too much, takes away the focus and satisfaction.

As the music needed to be released, Anticlub searched and found a good partner in the less is more label from the same Dutch city. Lessismore was going in a different direction musically and was going through the same phases as Anticlub and that was probably why both parties their faith intertwined and resulted in this “collaboration”. As Anticlub is notorious for being eccentric and non-negotiable, the lessismore label gave them cart blanche to display their artistical, political and corporate believes. But what did the Anticlub style have in common with less is more? On first sight the album has nothing to do with traditional minimalistic music, but the Anticlub album showed a different approach to the lessismore principal. Freaks And Followers was made with minimal use of instruments, as 90% of the productions are made with only the use of one hardware device, this could only be titled as lessismore.

Musically the Anticlub style can be described as cross-over rooted in an area of electronic design. Besides this the underground mentality was key and leading in making this album. Underground is also a term that is being misinterpreted and wrongly use by many. The definition Anticlub uses in the musical context, is not being for sale, not being depended on the money that is being made with the music and having no fear in doing something that the audience does not like.