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aniara recordings



Aniara is a record label & soundsystem for modern dance music out of Göteborg, Sweden launched in 2010.

The three members of the Aniara gang – Alexander Berg, Nils Krogh and Fabian Bruhn – have created something special with their record label, party and production collective. They’ve caught the ears of some very respected artists who might have dismissed Sweden as belonging to the staid, manly sounds of Techno with a capital ‘T’. The austere yet psychedelic music of Genius of Time and Dorisburg combine an understanding of the past with a yearning for something new and space age.

The new Swedish label Aniara Recordings's debut come with the release of the album ''Same Old Place'', coming from Genius of Time. The Sweden imprint brings you deep, dirty and slow house & techno from the northern hemisphere. Gothenburg duo Genius of Time is giving us a fresh take on what modern house music can be in the roaring 10's. Well-crafted tracks that builds slowly but surely through a rolling groove with bumping basslines. Oldschool meets New School house burner.

Sublabel: Verktyg.

Aniara Recordings includes in its back catalogue releases from artists like: Genius Of Time, Dorisburg, Auji, Henrik Bergqvist, Mountain Range, Porn Sword Tobacco, Sanft Goran and new others to join the sweden imprint in the close future.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.