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Andorfine Records



Andorfine Records represents the german music label founded in 2001 by Crew 7. Crew 7 was founded by Dirk Waldt (aka. Brisby) and Michel Diederiks (aka. Central Seven).

In 2006 Crew 7 started out with a coverversion of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" which became an international club smash-hit. Published in more than 50 countrys all over the globe, the track ruled and led the international club-charts for several months!

Andorfine Records is a subdivision of Andorfine Music. Besides it, Andorfine Records also owns other labels like Attention Records (House/Electro/Black Music), Jadie Music Publishing (Roba), Pround Digital, Metrodisco and Surprize Music.

Andorfine published as the world's first record company Cascadas debut singles, "Miracle", "Bad Boy" and "Everytime we touch".

Andorfine Music also produced the song ''Sunrider - The Bomb'' who appeared in the american movie from Jennifer Anistion and Jason Bateman - ''The Switch''.

From 2001 until 2013, Andorfine Records has produced more than 250, and many of them reached the highed places in the world charts.

Artists such as Kim Leoni, Crew 7, DJ LBR, Brisby & Jingles, Cuba Club, Ivory and Sunrider are few of the favourite Andorfine's Records artists.

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