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Alpha Signal Records



Alpha Signal Records is a record label with a strong inspiration in cosmology, physics and science fiction.

With one foot in Detroit and one in Birmingham, ASR is getting the techno in its original form beyond fads. We are believers in the true conception of electronic music as artistic expression and as message.

Our first release is also the first volume of the series VLA, named in honor of the radio telescopes system in the Very Large Array of New Mexico (USA). Radio Transmission True to the sound of Detroit and influenced by IDM and the Birmingham scene, Radio Trasmission presents a crude and analog sound, sometimes simple and sometimes twisted, synthesizing unconventional elements of the dancefloor with complex sounds and structures.

For the second release ASR cmes with one of the mostrespected artist in Spain, Tadeo.
Tadeo focus his energies in a mental and twisty voyage with an unclear origin, conceps like'here' and 'now' could quickly disapear along the EP in a blured way.The EP begins with 'Nu', a groovy track that fits in any kind of venues, from large festivals to small clubs. The perfect tool to take people to others states of mind!!!'El Pensamiento' is the second track of this work, the melodies from the classic 'toms' of the TR909 and the constant drone from the begin, lead the track to the darkness of the cosmos like a trip without return...In the Beta side of the record, we find the track 'Presence'. the main arpeggio translate you to a world where is impossible to breath, without atmosphere... A really solid groove that works with repetitive synths lines and the 909 Toms.The last track, 'Faster Edit', is the perfect soundtrack for the end of the voyage, the synths interacts, one to the other, producing a soft and blured place outside world. first pressing in marbled blue vinyl!