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Alola records was created by Omid "16B" Nourizadeh, as a musical journey throughout the years, going as far back as 1994 when Omid started it from his bedroom studio still living at his parents at only 19 years old.

From the range of records Omid made himself through to multiple artists, alola has become an expression of love for proper HOUSE music..

Regular Home to artists like Charles webster, Kevin McKay, Demi, Nav, Mr C, Pete Moss, Vince Watson, Echomen, Anthony Teasdale, Amin Edge, Trevor Loveys, Idjut Boys, DJ Q, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Pop Out And Play, House of 909, Nacho Marco, Remote Control, YMC, Kevin Beber, Mode 2 and Omid himself.

Alola has been releasing its own blend of Lush, Deep and Hypnotic House music ever since with a little break over the years.

After 20 years it’s time for the past, present and future to fall in sync. The idea behind the vinyl only Alola back catalogue will be to slowly introduce it to the digital world along with new material. This is music to be savoured; in a disposable world this is music to be treasured for a long, long time...

Sublabels: Alola Music, Alola Studios, Disclosure.

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omid 16 b everything all of them

omid 16 b

everything all of them

VÖ-Datum: 11.06.2002
Label: alola

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