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all inn limited



All Inn Limited represents the German based music label launched in 2011 as a sublabel of All Inn Records.

The name of the label, All Inn Records, describes best what it really represents: all the good music of talented artists at one label. This brand new Romanian music label was established by Polarize and his friends. They weren’t seeking perfection, but were trying to discover the sounds that will give them the feelings of long daylight beach parties on sandy stretches of paradise, and with All Inn Records they found that.

Over the past couple of years Romania has stepped out of the shadows to take its rightful place as the newest hotbed of production talent. House music is thriving, and the country is producing a wealth of young, future stars and we know that in this rapidly changing world the only way to survive is to innovate, so we are not afraid to explore.

All Inn Records brings along talented artists that will send their young vibe all over the world. Teaming up with, and dedicated to promoting the new kids on the block, the label will also be drafting in some of world’s finest names on remix duty.

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Unknown Artist Diggers Daughter / Bypass (Vinyl Only

Unknown Artist

Diggers Daughter / Bypass (Vinyl Only

VÖ-Datum: 01.11.2016
Label: all inn limited
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