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Afterglow records was founded at the end of 2001 by the legendary artist Plastic Angel alias Elef Tsiroudis with the aim to create a homebase to push new talents on a very high -quality label.

Within the first releases the label became very fast well established and is today one of the most respected Trance labels around the world. Nearly all releases has been compiled by many wellknown compilation series and the releases are being massive played by all top DJ’s worldwide.

The concept to work with new talents but also with wellknown ones seems to work very perfectly. After a decade with groundbreaking releases the future for this extraordinary Label looks brighter than ever before.
You are Afterglow!

The label's team promise to continue this way and try to become even stronger for the future. Meanwhile also the more progressive Label Fireglow Records have seen the light so be prepared for another fast raising Label!

Afterglow Records is working and have worked with artists like: Lange, 2Players, G&M Project, Shane 54, Darren Tate, Signum, Ralphie B, Plastic Angel, Goldenscan, Airbase, Faraway Project, Unknown Source, Alex Morph, Exertion, Vincent & Quentin, Miika Kuisma, Fire & Ice, Mike Shiver, Mike Koglin , Duderstadt, Store N Forward, Duende, JPL, Carl B and more.

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Phaeleh The Cold In You (Kahn Remix)


The Cold In You (Kahn Remix)

VÖ-Datum: 14.11.2012
Label: afterglow
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