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Aeropop Records represents the Brussels based music label launched fresgh in 2012 and run by Aeroplane.

In just a few years, Vito De Luca, the Italian-Belgian producer behind Aeroplane, has established himself as party-starting DJ, remixer du jour -with his spacious cosmic-disco remakes of Grace Jones (William’s Blood), Friendly Fires (Paris) and Sebastien Tellier (Kilometer)- and, via his own keyboards riff-based melancholic beauties like Caramellas, or My Enemy, leader of the nu-disco and Balearica scene.

Aeroplane’s debut album, We Can’t Fly, was an in-depth trip into the previously mentioned balearics with a big dose of AOR and Moroder-influenced disco, which was more a statement than an attempt to conquer dance floors, though the perfect remix cast did fill up for that job (The Krays's remix of Superstar, Breakbot's remix of " Without Lies " or Rex The Dog remix of " My Enemy ").

Aeroplane's music can be described as psyché guitars, pop keys, melancholic waves and catchy bass lines meets disco beats.

As a DJ, Aeroplane has never been at the mercy of traditional bpms, and being free of “the dancefloor pressure” has given Vito additional license to slow things down and look around, finding the perfect blend between club music, pop hooks, and spaced-out soundscapes. Making your ass shake more than your fist pump, as his first " In Flight Entertainment " 100% exclusive compilation demonstrates.

'In Her Eyes' is the first release of Vito De Luca's label, AEROPOP. It is also the first original Aeroplane material since 'Save Me Now' and the In-Flight Entertainmentcompilation. That's two pretty good reasons to check this record out.Aeropop will be mainly dedicated to Vito's side projects and collaborations with different artists under numerous aliases, leaving him some space to play around with different genres and sounds. But to celebrate the launch of the label, Vito decided to make the first Aeropop release an Aeroplane one.'In Her Eyes' features Chicago House legend Jamie Principle on the vocals. Vito met Jamie on New Year's Eve 2011 in Sydney and they instantly got along.

The start of Vito’s own label Aeropop will see many collaborations with big names and a fresh, exciting, variety of music come out, allowing Vito to flex his classically trained musical muscles in all directions, just like his touring schedule.