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addicted to trance



Addicted to trance is a sublabel of Talla 2XLC´s Tetsuo Music. Talla 2XLC is a professional DJ and electronic musician based in Germany. Living in Frankfurt, and championing the sound of euphoric and progressive trance across the globe, Talla 2XLC has become known for peaktime beats, and his vast list of productions speak for itself. You’ll instantly recognize a Talla 2XLC tune when you hear one. Keeping his trademark sound alive and kicking, he kicks in with powerful releases.

At "ATT" we love uplifting anthems, emotions, melodys, vocals, energy....everything what has to be inside of a pure trance production.

We just started, but the first 2 releases took the clubscene like storm.

ATT 001 "DEJA VU" by Talla 2XLC and his production partner "Robert Burian" including a tremendous remix by Giuseppe ottavian was one of the biggest clubhits in 2009!

ATT002 "Terra australis" by Talla 2XLC and Skysurfer is still hot in the clubs. Everyone from Armin van buuren, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and many other keyplayers hammering this outstandig anthem in their club and radiosets!

And more will come very soon!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.