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addicted music



Addicted Music. is an independent London based new label launched in 2012, co-founded by music artists, Alex Magno & Antonio del Prete in partnership with A.A.Management by Alice Armato. It's based on the expertise developed during 10 years of electronic music.

Alex Mano grew up with bread & Music, in a family of musician; Father drummer and mother singer.

Now after many years during which he studied and collected jazz, funky, house and techno music he’s a mature Producer and he has a clear head about what he wants and he’s resident dj in London for "WhiteJail Crew".

He loves to collaborate with others djs & producers for improve his knowledge and open new perspectives. His first collaboration its with a big friend UES, we released on Vinyl with the name of TRUE SOUL.

Now he’s collaborating with Antonio del Prete, they released for Safari and and they recently launched their vinyl label called ADDICTED REC, with a lot of good artists.

Addicted boasts a sound that is both familiar and innovative for some aspects, our philosophy is focused on quality, expresses through good music, artwork and label events, so, Addicted rapidly got recognition on the international scene. All the releases will be out on Vinyl and Digital.

Addicted Music is on the scene a lot of artists like Move D, Ron Trent, San Proper, Tolga Fidan, Matthew Burton and many more.

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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.